Add a personal touch to your event with video messages.

Your guests can wish you well on your life together, share a memorable moment, sing you happy birthday or even share a juicy secret....


For the branding or corporate event capture feedback from customers or reviews on how much they loved your product.

Our video message time can be set by you and there is no limited to the amount of messges that can be recorded.

Video Messages

Have your guests create the perfect video message that you will look back on for years to come with our two top tips:

Give guests an idea of what you would like them to talk about....

Ask guests to share a special memory, share feedback and opinions on products or give expert advice. You can be sure there will always be guests that will freestyle which is certainly entertaining however by giving a guests an idea of what you are looking for you will ensure that you have a collection of videos that are meaningful as well as entertaining.

Select an appropriate time limited for your Video Messages....

The Selfie Station allows you to choose the length of your video messages. It can be so annoying when your guests are  sharing a moment making a video message and they run out of time and get cut off.  We allow you to choose your own time limit and guests can end it when they are finished.

Corporate/Brand Video Messages

What better way to get feedback, customer opinions and testimonials that to have customers share them via a video message.  Upload to your social media sites for an instant digital testimonial about how great your band is or how much customers love working with you.

A video from real customers will always make more of an impact that written words on a page.