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Looking to capture moments to surprise and delight your shoppers during your next shopping centre entertainment event? Then book The Selfie Station! It will be sure to be a hit that will drive traffic and capture your customers while creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Winning the hearts and minds of the local community is becoming increasingly difficult in the shopping centre landscape so you always have to find ways to engage and connect with your customers. And what better way to do this than have them become part of your Centre’s story and journey! The Selfie Station can do just that. It’s the next generation of photo booth technology and entertainment!


With a sleekly styled design, The Selfie Station will fit any of your campaign themes seamlessly. Wanting to capture your Centre’s best dressed patrons for that fashion execution or would you like a convenient and instantaneous way to provide your shoppers with a lasting memory of your school holiday entertainment? The Selfie Station will be sure to make this happen.


Being an open air photo booth, The Selfie Station provides a more inclusive and entertaining experience while allowing for some of the most creative and spectacular backdrops. And with the ability to customise the entire experience from the photo templates to the backdrop, it will never feel out of place at your next shopping centre event.


Whether your next campaign is focussing on fresh food, fashion, school holiday entertainment or an important time of the year including Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter or Halloween, The Seflie Station will help you capture the moment and drive your social media presence.


 The Selfie Station will service all areas of Australia and with experience with some of the biggest and best property managers in Australia including Mirvac, we know what you need to make that next shopping centre event a success!



The Selfie Station is your most versatile shopping centre entertainment photo booth!


From delivering bespoke shopping centre experiences for your next school holiday, fashion, fresh food, entertainment or special occasion event, The Selfie Station will be sure to integrate in line with your marketing strategy.


Requiring only a 2m x 2m space, or less, The Selfie Station can be customised and branded in line with your campaign theme. With the latest technology that can also enable real-time uploading of content to your Centre’s social media campaign, it will also assist in driving additional followers to your social media platforms.


If you have a need to drive traffic to a particular space in the Centre, The Selfie Station team will work with you to provide a solution that will have your most difficult retailers become your biggest advocates. After all, the team at The Selfie Station have over a decade’s experience working with some of Australia’s most successful Centre Management teams.


What else makes The Selfie Station the stand out shopping centre entertainment photo booth?


Other than its elegant design and ability to provide a fully customised experience for your next shopping centre event, The Selfie Station also has a range of other features sure to make your next event stand out.


Ever tried Dub Smash, ‘shopper-oke’ or having your shopperss lip sync to their favourite tune? Well you can with The Selfie Station with all performances recorded and provided to you on a USB to upload to Social Media. Or is creating beautiful video messages more in line with your campaign? Again, this all can be done with The Selfie Station and it doesn't stop there either!


The Selfie Station has a range of unique and exclusive features including competition mode, the ability to run surveys and collect shopperer / guest data, golden ticket competitions and can also allow for instantaneous upload to your Social Media platform. The opportunities are literally endless!


We've worked with some of the largest business partners down to the most intimate of occasions and will be sure to deliver exactly to your needs...


If you’re looking for the most exciting, innovative, affordable and stylish shopping centre entertainment photo booth be sure to get in contact won’t be disappointed!