In this section you will find a range of downloadable Brochures and Flyers to use for marketing purposes.

You will also find strategies and documentation that will assit you in gaining clients in all types of jobs.




Photo Templates
Marketing Material
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Marketing Materials

Below are a range of brochures and flyers for promoting your Selfie Station business, you can download these documents whenever you like.

Marketing Strategies & Ideas

Here are a few ideas and concepts to market your Selfie Station business and obtain maximum jobs, the key is to get out there and get known.  The more relationships you can build the more clients you will obtain.

Wedding Expos

Expos are the best way to get your business seen, you know that all those who attend are actually interested in the products on display. Some tips for expo selection and your display:

  1. Entry Fee – we have found that the best expos to attend are those that charge an entry fee, this ensure that those attending are serious about finding suppliers for their wedding.

  2. Make your display stand out – with so many stylists and photographers at the expos stands can start to blend together. Consider a step and repeat backdrop with The Selfie Station logo on it.

  3. Big is not always best – don’t discount local expos or small expos at wedding venues, these are great to get noticed as they usually don’t have too many exhibitors.

  4. Get people snapping Selfies – actively draw people in to take a Selfie that way they can see it in action which is the biggest selling point.  If you know there are going to be other photo booths there, think about doing something different with the photo template and layout;

  5. Photo templates and Layouts – as in the previous point if there are going to be other photo booths there consider using a different photo layout instead of the usual photo strips.  Make an eye catching template with your contact details on it and consider attaching a magnet to it, most people will be inclined to stick it on the fridge at home giving you long term visual.

Wedding Stylists & Event/Venue Locations

Make contact with all the wedding/event stylists in your local area, if you can build a relationship with them they will usually be happy to recommend your services or put you on their preferred suppliers list. This is a great help when you are getting started as both stylists and locations usually have weddings or events booked in that you could potentially get in on.

  • Wedding Stylists & Photo Scenes/Areas – styled photo areas or scenes are great with the selfie station, it gives people a different and often custom background for their photos instead of the normal backdrop.

Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres are consistantly holding events and promotions. From Mothers Day, Valentines Day to School Holiday Activities. Getting to know your local Marketing Manager and sending them periodic emails about what you can offer can be a great way be their go to service.

Green Screen School Holiday Activity - Using the green screen and some popular photos as the backgrounds ie: Dinosaurs can be a great activity for kids in the centre.

Charities & Pro Bono Work

Assisting charities and local causes is a great way to build relationships and get your name out there.  Often if it is a large charity event people have to pay a large amount for the tickets, these are all potential clients with money, once they see it in action they will love it.

You can also offer one free of charge event to event stylists to see if they like working with The Selfie Station, 9 times out of 10 event stylists and locations love to have access to the latest and greatest services for their clients.


Establish a relationship with your local schools and universities this will enable you to be top of the list for events that the school holds each year.

Events can include:

·         Graduations

·         Formals

·         Fetes/Carnivals

Brand Awareness Campaigns/Trade Shows/Expos

The Selfie Station is a great resource for brands to build their awarness and promote themselves. The Selfie Station itself is easily branded and with branded photo template and the ability to capture customer data it ticks all the boxes.

Find your local marketing/brand agency and make contact with them, if possible get a meeting to demaonstrate everything the Selfie Station can do.

Also look into expos or trade shows that occur in your local area and contact brands or business that attend, they can hire you to add that something extra to the booth or stand.