The Selfie Station

Corporate Events 

The Selfie Station is certainly a stand out in any large-scale event or concert venue.


The Selfie Station photo booth is the most technologically advanced photo booth on the market with more features that any other and operates much faster than a standard photo booth ensuring all guests get to experience the fun, excitment and entertainment provided without having to waiting in line forever.

In today’s corporate environment, topping last years event is always a challenge. Wowing your customers and staff and having your event fresh in minds throughout the year is no longer a difficult task with The Selfie Station.

There are so many features that it will take many many  yearly events for guests to get through using them all. This put together with our expertly designed customised photo prints will ensure that your event, your company and your brand are long remembered as the best ever!

Whether it’s a Christmas party for valued clients, or a new product launch with current and potential investors you can be sure you are giving them the best in the business.


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